$15/four ounces

No-Sporin Salve $20

Bath Soaks

Heal With Natural Herbs

​Sugar Scrubs 

Herbal Infused Body Care 


To place an order email me at healwithnaturalherbs@gmail.com

**Ingredients listed on Heal With Natural Herbs Facebook Page**

Lemon De Grasse 

Body Butters

  • Peppermint Mocha Latte
  • Cocoa Butter and Unanswered  DMs

Herbal Teas from The Herb Dealer

Mama's Help

$15/four ounces

$18 and up




*Prices subject to change. 

  • Self-Love Potion 
  • Oh! My neck and my back!


Herbal Smoke $10

Open Saturdays 9am-6pm   281.227.0435  

Current teas are $10/one ounce


Cocoa Butter and Unanswered DMs

Eczema Cream 

Nighty Night, Kids


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