Mediation a profound peace,bliss happiness.

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Oxygen Therapy  Saturdays!  BOOK NOW!

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The oxygen you receive at an oxygen bar is recreational, non-medical oxygen. If you have emphysema, are pregnant or suffer from any breathing disorder do not use this oxygen source. 

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Help reduce stress, gives us peace and improves our health. The deeper purpose of mediation is spiritual awakening. 

THE PURPOSE This practice does not require difficult physical postures, special breathing exercises it is completely natural and can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, health, education, or religion.


Unlike many techniques,these methods require no strenous breath control, rigorous postures, They can be practiced by young old, healthy or infirm. In fact, anywhere we can sit quietly and look within enter higher states of spiritual essence. Nothing in life compares with the bliss, joy, and peace we gain from this experience other than detoxing. lol


People of all religious backgrounds and nationalities can enhance their daily lives through a process of mediation that enables us to directly experience the inner light and sound, transcend physical consciousness, realms.

BE HAPPY        INSPIRE                 SMILE